POST PURCHASE: First impressions chewing on the Marshmallow

After being in the market for a new phone to replace my iPhone 5s, I finally I took the pledge and put down my bitten Apple and taste a Marshmallow in the body of a Samsung J5.

Changing operating system was not an easy decision, therefore I decided to compromise on the camera quality and choose a budget device to introduce me to Android in the hopes of crying less when realising how much I’d miss iOS. But this hasn’t happened yet and I can proudly say that I can see myself getting along well with Bugdroid.


There are two things that quickly impressed me:

  • The easy access to major settings just a swipe away. There are all the important settings included, instead of a limited selection, which helps enable and disable key functions like Mobile Data and Power Saving in less than half a second. The iPhone lacks on that, as it has significantly fewer available options on the control panel with not so important features for me.
  • The dual clock on the screen, especially for people who operate constantly on different time zones and the various easy-to-use widgets. Never thought that adding a google bar to my home screen would make browsing significantly faster and that I could easily access my Spotify just with a simple tap. Ground breaking!

However, there is a variety of features and much needed adjustments that will take time to digest. I still don’t see the reason for a launcher to organise my phone. I find the Android 6.0.1 really easy to use with a simple interface that serves its purpose in a very user friendly way. Why would I need something to make my phone look more like an iPhone if I only moved away from one? Furthermore, according to  popular opinion, many launchers jeopardise the health of the device and crash a lot.

Also, I don’t understand the need of ‘sideload’ applications. Many forums underline the necessity of unauthorised software to organise photos or transfer contacts and backups, especially when someone is coming from iOS. Having lost faith in iCloud for a while now, I was backing up all my contacts in Gmail and when I installed my Google account in the new phone all my contacts ‘magically’ appeared without installing extra software. As for the photos, I have everything backed up on external drives, so no need to fuss over that either.

Overall, my experience with Android and my Samsung J5 is excellent so far. Having lowered my camera expectations before buying a phone gave me the option to look for a device with removable battery (farewell power banks) and a 5.2″ super Amoled display, all for less than €200.

Time will tell if the device will exceed my expectations and accommodate my usage. For now, though, Android is a whole new world that I’m very keen to explore!

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